Preparing for Surgery

If you are having surgery with Dr. Makhni, please review the important instructions below:

General Guidelines

  • If you have been asked to obtain pre-operative medical clearance, please ensure that all labs and supporting documents are faxed in at least 7-10 days prior to surgery (but no sooner than 30 days before surgery, Attn: to Joyce McCormick at 248-661-7155
  • If you are regularly seen by a cardiologist, please obtain cardiac clearance as well and fax in supported documents.
  • The pre-operative anesthesia team will contact you 1-2 weeks prior to surgery to review your medical clearance. You will not learn the actual time of your surgery until the day before surgery, when a nurse will call you with the time you should report to the pre-operative area.

Patient undergoing Knee Surgery

  • Crutches and ice machine or ice packs will be provided to you from the hospital once the procedure is complete
  • Please make sure to take your Aspirin post-operatively as directed. If you did not receive Aspirin in your discharge medications, please contact the medical team.
  • Patients undergoing knee arthroscopy for meniscal or chondral debridement (not meniscal repair) will have an ace wrap and gauze dressing after surgery and will not have a post-operative brace. These patients may walk and place as much weight on their leg that is comfortable.
  • If you had an ACL reconstruction or a meniscal repair (or another procedure such as cartilage or patella surgery), you will be fitted with a brace in the operating room and given instructions on its use.
  • The type of brace that you will receive is illustrated here.

Patients undergoing Hip Arthroscopy

  • Once surgery is booked, you will get a prescription for a brace and motion machine.
  • The brace will be fitted pre-operatively by the brace company, and you will wear it post-operatively according to a specified protocol.
  • The motion machine (“Constant Passive Motion” machine, or CPM) will be delivered to your house prior to surgery.
  • You may also need to undergo a CT (“cat scan”) so that Dr. Makhni can see a three-dimensional (3-D) view of your hip. This is needed for pre-operative templating purposes.
  • Post-operatively, you will be on crutches (please see protocol here).
  • Please make sure to take your Aspirin 325 twice a day for four weeks. If you did not receive this medication in your discharge medications, please contact a member of the medical team.

Patients undergoing Shoulder surgery

  • Patients undergoing total shoulder replacement (or reverse total shoulder replacement) will likely stay in the hospital for one night following surgery.
  • If you are undergoing shoulder arthroscopy, will likely go home that same day.
  • You will receive a sling and motorized ice unit after the surgery to take home with you.
  • If you are undergoing total shoulder replacement, you will need to undergo a CT ("cat scan") of your shoulder for pre-operative templating and custom instrumentation at least 31 days prior to surgery.

Patients undergoing Elbow surgery

  • Surgery is typically outpatient, meaning you will go home that same day
  • You will typically be fitted into a plaster splint on the day of your surgery.
  • You will also be prescribed a hinged elbow brace (instructions found here) at the time of your surgery. If you have not been contacted by the manufacturer within one week of booking, please call them at the number provided to you.