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What’s new in Hip Arthroscopy?
Dr. Makhni now performing hip arthroscopy with state-of-the-art safety technology

One of the main complications in hip arthroscopy is related to use of a traction post that is positioned between the patient’s legs. Dr. Makhni now is performing hip arthroscopy with new technology that avoids the traction post altogether. Please call his office or make an appointment for consultation for this safer hip arthroscopy technique.



Measuring Elbow Torque in the Pitching Motion with a New, Wearable Sensor (2018)

The recent rise in shoulder & elbow injuries due to overuse in youth pitchers is well documented. In particular, there has been increased awareness of the rise in elbow injury.

Patient Education Video
Patient Education Videos

Kourtney Kennard, a sophomore at Oak Park High School, successfully underwent hip arthroscopy by Dr. Eric Makhni for treatment of congenital hip impingement which caused a torn labrum and was able to return to athletic training.

Patient Testimonials

I was very pleased with the way Dr. Makhni dealt with my labral tear in my shoulder. Being a pitcher in baseball, surgery was not something I wanted to do, so Dr. makhni put together a plan that fit my best interests. I received a PRP injection from him and have responded well from it. Dr Makhni is very easy to reach and helps patients understand how to deal with their specific injury.J.O.

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